UPDATE: Lost Art Liquids vs FDA, 01/23/2018

UPDATE: Lost Art Liquids vs FDA, 01/23/2018


Today, FDA continued its efforts to obtain a court order that, if granted, would keep us at Lost Art Liquids from being able to share information with all of you.

A major part of what we are fighting for in our lawsuit is transparency from FDA. FDA should share all information that it has, which they used to justify its decision to deem vapor products as “tobacco.”

Congress bestowed upon FDA the “duty to protect the public health” and FDA has done a terrible job in carrying out this duty by intentionally leading the public to believe that vapor products pose similar harms as cigarettes and tobacco.

Scientists and public health officials here in the US are following what we have seen in the UK, and are now coming forward to let FDA know that vaping is in fact different and safer than smoking.

We hope that the judge will rule favorably on our motion we argued in court today, and that we will be able to share more information with you and the general public. Our hope is that you will be empowered to go to your congressman, and ask them to support new laws that regulate vapor products as technology not tobacco products.

We will keep you posted on the judges decision...
Until then, fight on✊🏼


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