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Lost Art vs FDA Update-March 2018

Lost Art vs FDA Update-March 2018

Lost Art Liquids believes that government transparency is one of the most important, fundamental rights we all have as citizens. FDA for two years has sought to avoid transparency and keep secret from the public over 290,000 pages of documentation which FDA claims it relied upon between 2012-2015 to formulate the deeming regulation. 
The deeming regulation "deems" technology products like e-cig devices and non nicotine e-liquids, to be "tobacco" and regulates these products in the same way as deadly cigarettes. As many of you know, the deeming regulation, if left unchecked, will eliminate nearly all vapor products from the market leaving smokers with...

UPDATE: Lost Art Liquids vs FDA, 01/23/2018

Update- 1/23/2018