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Lost Art Liquids vs. FDA 1/23/2018

Lost Art Liquids vs. FDA:

Federal Magistrate Judge Mumm hears oral arguments for the first time in our case against FDA today, 1/23/2018 at 10AM PST. We are asking for the court to force FDA to give us all documents that it used to create the deeming rule, without subjecting them to a protective order so that we can share whatever we receive with all of you.


It’s a difficult argument to win, but we believe it’s an important one to fight.  FDA should allow everyone to see exactly what documents they relied on when constructing...

Help us defeat the FDA's deeming regulations!

Help us defeat the FDA's deeming regulations!

As you may or may not know, Lost Art Liquids has a lawsuit filed currently vs the FDA(Read about it here). We believe that electronic cigarettes and e liquid should not be regulated as a tobacco product. The FDA's deeming regulations will impact not only our company, but consumers like yourself, who we believe should have access to quality e liquid at a fair price. The FDA deeming regulations could potentially destroy an entire industry and put the power into the...