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Where do you ship?

When do you ship?

Where is my tracking?

Why is my tracking not working?

Do you ship internationally? Who pays Customs and Duties?

What shipping service do you use and what is the shipping cost?

Why is my FedEx shipment going to Memphis?

Age Requirements

How old do I have to be to purchase?

Do you verify the purchaser's age?

Product Information

What is TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine)?

What is your VG/PG(Vegetable Glycerin/Propylene Glycol) ratio?

What grade of PG/VG/nicotine/flavorings do you use?

Do any of your flavors contain Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl?

Are your liquids made in a cleanroom?


Can I use my points and a discount code at the same time? Can I combine my points or a discount code with my subscription?

I live in California, why am I being charged extra tax?

Regulatory Information

Do you have your GCC(General Certificate of Conformity) paperwork?

Are your E-Liquids registered with the FDA pre 8/8/2016?

Do you have your California BOE Tobacco Retailers, Distribution, and Manufacturing licenses?


What is your return policy?